Release management

From github UI

This is the approach kadalu team is using for release. This can be done by just creating a 'Release' in UI. It will trigger the script from github actions, and it will create all relevant scripts in the corresponding folder in github.

Check the [Release URL here](

From the Makefile

  1. Update file with the list of changes and link

  2. Run make release to generate Operator manifest file and build Containers for a specific version(and latest). Built Containers will be published to dockerhub.

    TWINE_PASSWORD=<secret> KADALU_VERSION=0.4.0 make release

    Note: If DOCKER_USER is specified then it will publish the built Containers to respective Dockerhub account.

    DOCKER_USER=aravindavk KADALU_VERSION=0.7.0 make release
  3. Send the PR with manifest file and file changes

  4. Create a new Github release - []( In the release notes, update the Operator manifest file link as,

    For example,

    kubectl apply -f