How gluster and kadalu are related ?

The fundamental idea of the project is described here

Compared to GlusterD there are various points which we consider worth changing:

  • Too many layers, hard to debug

  • Duplication of task is bad, and can cause in-consistency

  • K8s can provide added infrastructure like process management, cluster authentication, monitoring and centralized logging

  • Running more than one process in a container defeats the purpose of microservices

  • Currently, no ideal solution with Gluster for storage in k8s

Therefore kadalu does some things different:

GlusterD Kadalu

Clustering / Peer Management


Volume Management

ConfigMap, kubectl apply

Brick process management

K8s’s pod management

Portmap for Bricks

Not required in new model

Service Management (brick, self-heal, etc)

Runs as another container in same pod.<br>So, managed by k8s as any other pod

Volfile for Bricks, self-heal etc


Quota, Snapshot, Geo-Replication

CSI / SideCar containers


  • There is no need to have a glusterd running on the host.